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Thomas Fanslau Born 1963 in Herne, Westphalia
Höhere Handelsschule

Working as a Freelancer since 1987
8.2004 to 7.2005

Working for SAP in Walldorf

Support of the Java-based Build-Process in a Netweaver-Environment.
11.2003 to 8.2004

For a vienna based company

Since i signed a NDA I can't go to much into to much Detail. Development of a Business-Application in C++ and Python, based on a database that was developed by the client. Development of a Specification to extend the database to a distributed, self-replicating database using TCP/IP.
3.2003 to 7.2003

Working in Hannover

Simulation and Verifikation of Hardware-Designs by emulating them in C++.
9.2002 to 12.2002

Remote access and configuration and transfer of a measuring station for tracking environmental data

I developed a Configurationapplet in Java and Swing. The station was accessed using Python. For the embedded system i used a system based on the C167.
7.2002 to Ende 9.2002

Planing and billing system in Python

The first attempt was based on Jython and Swing. Although that worked fine we reduced the footprint and switched to Python and Tcl/Tk. As database I used "SQL Anywhere".
6.2001 to 5.2002

At the European Patent Office in Den Haag

A existing C++ application running under OS/2 had to be extended. The same time this application had to rewritten using Java to be usable across plattforms like (OS/2, Win2K, ...). The development was done using "Visual Age for C++" in OS/2 and "Visual Age for Java" in WinNT. Connection to the DB2 databases was done using CICS. In addition I also wrote a few SQL scripts for evaluation of the collected data in DB2 v5.0, later to be switched to DB2 v6.0 .
2.2000 to 4.2001

At HDM in Heidelberg

To control the printing machine we setup a a seperate PC that was connect using TCP/IP .

We used Visual C++ for development and CVS and PVCS for version control. For quality control we used Purify and Quantify. Do ease development of the data transfer routines we used the RougeWave Libraries.

5.1999 to 11.1999

Support and control the Y2K-Project at Deutsche Bank

My task was taken care of quality and control the different tasks that needed to be done to make sure the passing over into 2000 had been as painless as possible.

For tracking purposes we used MS Access bound to a Oracle Database. In addition I wrote some PL/SQL scripts to take verify and evaluate the contents.